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Wakan Village is situated about two-hour drive from Muscat and it is located 2000 ft above sea level, that the people in Wakan earn their living through farming, and that despite tourist intrusions, the locals there remain very welcoming and gracious. There is a saying among travelers that has become a cliché, “It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”

Much has been written about Wakan but experiencing it is totally different and one will discover more — things that online reviews and travel sites fail to mention. For instance, that prior to your car climbing the mountain roads, you will pass through roads that are well-developed. There are no light posts but reflectors serve as your friend while you drive. As you traverse the good roads, you will enter into this place fully surrounded by mountains and that if you look real close, you will notice that the mountains embrace the area — they surround it, they protect it.

If you visit it late afternoon, you will appreciate the setting sun because it will hide behind tall mountains and the layer of peaks will make you feel that you are somewhere else — a difference place, familiar yet still Oman.

After covering about 30 kms or so, just as when you are about to climb the mountain roads, you will see sleepy villages along the way. They will be set amidst green, magnificent date palms. At first you will wonder what they are doing there and you’d ask why people will choose to live in this so far-off place. It’s only after opening the car window down that you’ll gain understanding. The temperature in Muscat may rise to as high as 40 degrees but here, in this place protected by gargantuan peaks, the temperature is very tolerable — fact is, it’s really ideal.

Online travel stories and reviews will also not discuss in details that you have to prepare for the road. Although they mention that you have to use a four-wheel drive, they won’t prepare you with the reality that you will be passing through rough roads cut out from the side of the mountains. By the driver’s seat, you can see the deep plunge. You can see the picturesque wadis down below but reviews won’t mention that it is through rocky and dusty slopes you have to pass in order to get on top of the mountain where Wakan is nestled.

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