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About Us

LETS GO TOUR OMAN is a professional Destination Management Company (DMC), which is specialized in offering its customers a tangible experience of the unique nature, the culture as well as the traditions of the Sultanate of Oman. 


We create an opportunity for our valued guests to experience the hospitality of Oman, the silence of the desert, the flare of the ocean and the impressive mountains on our tours based on the tales of “Thousand and One Nights”. Get your impression of the culture from Sinbad the sailor, explore and experience the multifarious nature on land, in water and in the air. Get a charm of the scent of incense and of the bustle in the lively market places and bazaars. 


The theme and the philosophy of our company combines tradition and future into a fascinating experience. Whether a trip on a Dhow, a traditional sailing ship, or on a GPS-trekking tour at the high mountain region – our offers are always based on preservation and conversation of the nature, cultural and heritage of Oman. 


Our experiences, the touristic and scientific education of our team, anointed with the love to our country, are reflected in our diversified excursions. Do not only explore the highlights of this country but also experience with us the original Oman and the many secrets and traditions away from the commonplace. 


We fulfil your individual, wishes and we plan a memorable stay competently, which is totally based on your individual interests. With us, you will experience exactly the assistance that you wanted, right from the arrival until your departure while providing the freedom you want.